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Be an on-line archive of as many pictures of (old) Canvey I can find through old post cards, photographs, newspaper clippings etc.
Capture Canvey as she is today and photograph what remains of her history before it is pulled down.
Share any information about Canvey's history and its people.

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Growing up on Canvey - 1960's

So what is CanveyIsland.org then?

On 12th April 2008 I helped launch a new website CanveyIsland.org with encouragement from the Essex Record Office & Essex Library Service. Besides still owning the domain, I no longer have anything to do with this organisation..

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I am here to provide a free service for your pleasure, not to upset anyone!

- Our Wonderful Contributors! -

Thanks to the following for their help (sorry it is in no way complete yet):-
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Steve Bullock PIC
Margaret Payne PIC
Rosmary deBois
Kevin Gardner (Cuttings & Photos) PIC
Jim Gary (Post Cards & Photos) PIC
Andrew Jackson (Photos) PIC
John Windell (Photos)
Dee Weightman (Hootons)
Geoff Barsby (Canvey History website)
Margaret Wilson (Photos)
Alex Gartshore (Photos)
Robert Hallmann (Author) PIC
Chris Fenwick (Dr Feelgood/Oysterfleet Hotel) PIC
Maureen Buckmaster (Photos)
Eddie Terry (Photos)
Lucy Harrison (Canvey Heights Project) PIC
Gary Foulger (B17)
Sue Jennings (Cuttings)
Andy Makintyre (Flood Photos)
Tony Maguire (Oz Info)
Paul Fletcher (Scans)
Margaret Day (Photos & Scans) PIC
David Thompson (Labworth blog)
Val Phillips (Carnival)
Chris & Dave Young (Photos)
Joan Liddiard (Councilor)
Paul Moss (Bus Museum)
Peter Davies (Flood info)
Ian King (Photos)
Edd from Wescliffe (Photos)
Pat Bailey (Ivy Knight's Methodist Wifes Club Photos)
Stan & Vera Oaker (Multiple Donantions)
Roberta Donnan (Photos & Memories) PIC
The Squier Family (A.M.Clark Documents)
The Swann family (Casino & Monico)
The Dutch Cottage Museum
The Benfleet Historical Society
Jacksons Photographic Service
Eileen "Girlie" Jackson
Methodist Wifes Club
Mr & Mrs Savage (Savage Gates)
Mark Graham (Website)
Graham Stevens (Multiple Donations) PIC
Carol Norman (Nee Macquarie) (Multiple Donations)

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