Pat Smythe nee Wright, Donna Wright, Lee Wright, Sean Wright

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Pat Smythe nee Wright, Donna Wright, Lee Wright, Sean Wright

Postby CC4 » Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:18 pm

Hi I'm looking for Pat, she's an old friend I've lost contact with. Here's some info about her, if anyone knows anything I'd love to hear from you.

Her name is Pat Smythe, she married John Smythe in August 1991 at St Nicholas Church in Long Rd, Her surname before marriage was Wright and they lived in Cedar Road (I'm 99% sure anyway) Pat had 3 kids from her first marriage, Sean, Lee and Donna (I think they'd be in their 40's). And John had a daughter from his first marriage , I'm pretty sure her name was Karen.
Anyway, Pat and John ended up moving to Competa in Spain and building and running a boarding kennels there, then in about 2005/2006 John died. That was the last time I spoke to Pat at our last house in Essex before we came to NZ to live. She said she was going to stay in Competa in a flat in the village and sell the kennels and one of her sons ( Sean I think) was now living there with her too.
I emailed a local Competa website and have left messages on various expat sites to no avail, I even emailed a vet in Competa as she always kept dogs, and got a message that they heard she'd moved back to UK. So now I'm wondering if maybe she came to Canvey again. I've done the white pages bit too, and can't find her listed. She kept two Rottweiller dogs when she was on Canvey and was a real animal lover.

Cheers, Carol ( )
PS I worked with her at Longlane Kennels, Canvey
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