Looking for Adrian S Tinning

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Looking for Adrian S Tinning

Postby CanveyAdministrator » Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:17 am

Just received this email..........

"Do You answer my massage I sent You Last week. I am looking for my brother, Adrian, S, Tinning. My name is Clive Tinning,You can get me at clive_tinning@yahoo.co.uk or You can text me on my Mobile it is +639212728237. Its a very urgent message,Clive`s medication has been stop for lack of funds,please help as quick as possible.as I have sugar problem,liver and prostate.The Baptist church of Cebu as help me as much as they can. Respectfuly Yours,Clive W. Tinning. "

It may well be a scam?
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