Fred Leach

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Fred Leach

Postby sjc » Mon Jan 05, 2009 6:06 pm

Does anybody know anything about common land given to the people of Canvey by farmer Fred Leach?
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Re: Fred Leach

Postby nevilleadaniels » Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:58 pm

I believe you are referring to Waterside Farm.

The land was a donation of land use for leisure purposes to Canvey Island Urban District Council.
Land ownership rights where non-transferable and never given. Land usage rights are continuant with the original granting of use.

As such the council do not own the land and can not sell what they do not own.

There may be some land usage violations on the eastern perimeter (Houses being built etc).

Castle Point illegally sold some Chambers Land on which the Paddocks Stands, on the south-side, costing a lot of money, reclaimed rightfully by the estate.

Knowing their track record, I hope Castle Point Council got permission for the private medical centre that has been built on the same Chambers Family land.

They would like to sell the Old Town Council offices, but do not own the land on Long Road.

Further Parks School Planned to sell of land for a housing estate back fired when they where told, the orignal grant of use for its land, was for a hospital, and neither they nor Essex County Council owned the land.

I understand New Title Deeds have been created to replace so called lost ones. - They do not even have records of the sale's or purchases of the lands that would sell from right under our noses if we let them.

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