Kynochs Club in the 1980's - Photo by Aubry Stevens

Maureen Buckmaster writes 'This is a photo of some of the Kynochs Club drinkers. I've put the names on the photo below, they were all old Islanders. I don't know Slim's proper name, he was always known as Slim!! Harry Hull had, I think, three boys and a couple of daughters. I don't know the name of the man in the middle. My father is next. Sonny Pearson, if my memory serves me right, owned the Sunnyside Hotel which then became the original convent school. I think he also set up or helped set up the Boxing Club.'

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'The photo was taken in the inside bar where the toilets were, not the bar where the stage was. I don't know if you've been able to get inside there to look. There used to be a side door that was open and the poor place was badly vandalised in the 70s.'

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The rear of Kyncochs Club - taken in 2007

'Did you know there was also originally a Canvey Club around the corner from the Existing Canvey Club. IT looked a bit like the photos of the Small Gains Club but it burned down in the 1940s.'

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