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Overturned Bus in the High Street next to N.J.Wade Grocery - The Market in the centre was at the end of Gainsbough Ave. Trish writes:
"My mother gave me the photo and she was married to Ralph Nickolds, (A builder on the island - died 30 November 1990), whose family go way way back on the Island.. the photo was one he'd had for years. His father apparently ran the very first "bus" on the island, and that is it in the photo. Ralph was the one, according to mum, who told her that it was a horse-drawn bus, but as Mum is almost 86 and her memory is a little vague on some things, (although her long term memory is excellent) ... she could well be wrong on the fact that it was horse-drawn...(possibly she is getting it confused with the coal wagon which was definitely horse-drawn) it may well have been an early motorised bus. I did some more reading through various other subjects on the forum and came across this:
Post from Barb dated 08-03-2005 on Memories of Old Canvey - She refers to her father Tom Linge's diaries and on reading through I came across this which seems to verify that the photo I sent you is of the bus! She says the Coal Merchant and the then island Bus service was run by Mrs Nickolds and her son Jack. She then says the bus was a small van like vehicle with the entrance to it at the back and it held about 12 people when full.
I am not sure if Jack was an older brother of Ralph's or if Tom Linge didn't know of Ralph. I do know that there were several brothers in the family and between them they ran several of the Island's early "businesses" i.e. coal merchants. I must remember to ask mum.
A little further into her father's story which she posted in instalments she comments:that she remembers however going to school in a little van type vehicle that had side windows and a little door at the back for the passengers to get in and out.
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